Solutions and Services

Wealth management is an ongoing process of preparing for and reacting to your life events as they evolve, and your needs unfold. Whether you are planning for retirement, selling a business, receiving an inheritance, buying a recreational property or proactively planning for your legacy, we have solutions to help you accomplish your specific goals. 

Some topics we will evaluate are:  

Investment Management

- Securities
- Bonds
- Mutual Funds
- Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
- Registered Investment Advisory Services

Risk Management

- Life Insurance 
- Life Insurance Reviews   
- Annuities
- Long-term Care Insurance

Retirement Planning

- IRA/Roth IRA/Inherited IRA
- 403B
- 401K
- Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA

Tax Planning

- Capital Gains and Losses
- Concentrated Equity Positions
- Coordinating Meetings with Your Tax Preparer When Appropriate

Estate Planning

- Re-titling Of Accounts
- Beneficiary Review
- Gifting Strategies
- Charitable Stock Gifting
- Coordinate Meetings with Your Estate - Planning Attorney When Appropriate

Education Planning

- College Savings
- 529 Accounts
- Accumulation and Distribution

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